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Virtual Explorer: Where Real and Virtual Play Connect The Virtual Explorer is an interactive, integrated 4-in-1 system that combines exciting virtual reality and augmented reality technology with hands-on activities and real STEM learning!Prehistoric Safari Go on an amazing journey back to prehistoric times, combining 4 different ways to explore into one unique experience! DINO DIG EXCAVATION KIT: Excavate and build a realistic dino skeleton!Use the dinosaur dig kit to excavate the bones of a T. rex from clay rock with the included dig tools. Then assemble the bones to complete your very own T-Rex dinosaur skeleton model. EXPLORER ACTIVITY GUIDE: Learn about T. rex anatomy, abilities and more!Use the explorer activity guide poster with your dinosaur skeleton model to learn about T. rex anatomy, abilities and more. Find answers to each activity and match them with the VR and AR cards which then unlock exciting virtual adventures! VIRTUAL REALITY GOGGLES AND APP: Go on Amazing 360° Virtual Reality Expeditions through a Prehistoric Jungle! Use the high-quality virtual reality goggles with your smart phone and the free app to take expeditions through a prehistoric jungle. Just scan the VR cards and unlock realistic VR experiences as you observe and learn about different dinosaurs. The VR goggles also work with many other VR apps. 3D INTERACTIVE DINOSAUR MODELS: See Incredible 3D Augmented Reality Models Come To Life In Your Hand!Scan the 3D augmented reality cards with your VR goggles and watch as interactive 3D model images of different dinosaurs come to life in your hand! Includes 9 different augmented reality cards. NOTE: cards are required to unlock VR and AR experiences in app. What’s In The Box Includes virtual reality (VR) headset, free app, 9 augmented reality and VR cards, Dino Dig excavation kit, and explorer activity guide posterSmartphone Compatibility Requirements Requires a compatible iOS or Android smart phone (not included) as follows.Screen Size: Requires smartphones with width between 2 7/8 and 3 inches and length between 4 ¾ and 6 1/8 inches longMinimum Operating System: iOS (Apple): 8.4 or newer Android: 4.3 or newer To test compatibility of your smartphone, try downloading the free Virtual Explorer app to your phone before purchasing the product.Recommended Smartphones: Works best with Phone 6+, Samsung Galaxy S6, Motorola Moto X (2014), HTC One, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Motorola Droid Turbo, Nexus 5, iPhone 5s, LG G4, iPhone 5c*, LG G3, iPhone 5**Note: Virtual Explorer app may not be optimized for these modelsAbout Uncle Milton Since 1946, Uncle Milton has created innovative products that inspire imagination and learning while encouraging kids to explore and discover their world.Satisfaction GuaranteedSome assembly required (instructions included). If you have any problems, contact Uncle Milton customer service for assistance.

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