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Over 300 virtual reality apps on iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for you download to enjoy thrilling Virtual Reality You may benefit from Our 4th Gen VR Headset High Definition Videos and Games Industry-leading High Definition Aspherical Lens are used to reduce distortion-simultaneously protect you from dizziness. It features: *HD Visual *Dazzle barrier *Durable and easy to clean *UV400 protection *Sense of comfort Easy to Use Simply put your smartphone inside the headset and you are ready to go. The magnetic trigger will lock tight to prevent phone from dropping and the soft material will protect your smartphone from sractching. Compared to the 1st gen, you do not need to clamp your smartphone with clips, which may cause inconvenience by hitting the volume or power button inadvertently. In addition, the Open-cells Design is good for cooling of your phone. Comfort fit Leather is used for comfortable wearing. Adjustable head strap ensure a comfort fit for every person from teens to adult. Technical Specifications Labor Material: ABS+ PC Headband Material: Nylon Cache Material: Leather + Memory Foam Lens: PMMA Lens Lens Transmittance: DIA 42mm non- spherical optical lens View Angle: 70-90 degree Item Size: 195x100x130 mm.

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