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Dinosaurs come to life! Terrorsaur Challenge Triceratops is an immersive realistic Jurassic universe, including an enormous 200 pieces racetrack with sound and exclusive 3D cards for augmented reality interaction. A real experience with Prehistoric beasts! Dino Mundi combines physical and digital worlds in a super realistic way. Assemble the track, download the Dino Mundi app and create your own Jurassic adventure by simply pointing your smart device to 3-D cards and racetrack elements with your iOS or Android device. Total Immersive Dino interaction! Give life to dinos and feed the beasts ! Take selfies with many different species of dinosaurs and share them on social media channels! Dare to trigger all Dino interaction! Experience gaming rush on a physical toy! Assemble racetrack, check out how the Triceratops roars and see how the super fast car conquers the adventure. More fun after downloading the Free Dino Mundi App to enjoy Augmented Reality effect! Lots of playing possibilities! Increase your Jurassic experience with other exciting Dino Mundi products!

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