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Experience the newest and latest Samsung Gear VR (RM-322). Explore new worlds with the Gear VR 2015 Edition Virtual Reality Headset from Samsung. This headset is compatible with the Galaxy Note 5, S6, S6 edge, and S6 edge+, leveraging each device's Super AMOLED display to provide you with an immersive audiovisual experience with 2D and 3D 360° photos, videos, and games. The 2015 Edition Gear VR is 22% lighter than its predecessor and features new foam cushioning that's designed to make the device more comfortable to wear. Additionally, the VR's touchpad has been revamped to provide enhanced control while enjoying your content. The Gear VR uses Oculus technology, and the Oculus store offers you an expansive library of content for download. Additionally, Samsung's Milk VR service frequently releases new 360° videos.

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