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Brand: ETVR Let ETVR Fully Upgraded VR Headset takes you into a Immersive Experience! - A MUST-HAVE Christmas Gift Choice! - This VR visor can highly compatible with 4.5-6.2 inches large screen phones, iPhone 6 Plus Totally No Problem! - Super lightweight and deepen nasal bridge design, never Stressful nor Painful! - Multiple heat dissipation design VR Headset aim at keeping your phone cooling all the time! This 3D glasses adopts Japan imported optical grade PMMA Ergonomic Aspheric Lenses, more closer to the human eye perspective, bring you to a wonderful virtual reality world! How to use 1. Simply open the front cover: Press the switch button at the top of the VR headset, and then open the cover. 2. Star the App:Open the installed APP Client, then enter into the screen interface. [ Notice: No Specified QR Code needed, just download VR APP on Googleplay or the Phone APP store.] 3. Insert the mobile phone: Insert the mobile phone into the device, and correctly adjust the middle-line of the phone. 4. Helmet wearing: Adjust the tension of the 3 straps to the most comfortable mode. 5. If there's phenomenon of fuzziness and double images, please adjust the Pupil Distance and Focal Distance switchs to ensure the viewing pictures are clear and without double images. Warm Prompt 1. Please try to use with high-resolution and large screen smartphones. 2. Please choose HD videos with good 3D effect to view. 3. Never play your smartphone when charging the phone. BUY NOW ! Begin to immerse in your revolutionary Virtual Reality Experience!

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