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Welcome to the fantastic world of Virtual Reality ! Habor VR Glasses Mobile Virtual Reality is right here in Habor ! You wanna experience IMAX movies any time and anywhere? You wanna a real racing, marching in gunfire or shooing bullets in battlefield in 3D games? Just put on this Habor VR glasses, it immediately drop you into the action ! How to use: 1.Download Apps or Videos to your smartphone.Based on the game menu to select installation a video player or game software,test if it supports Left-and -Right split screen display and full-screen display. 2.Open the cover plate,place your cell phone in it and close the cover plate. 3.Wearing on head´╝łAdjust the Head belt and Focal Distance Adjustment & Object Distance Adjustment), then you can enjoy your the 3D-effect. 4.If your phone is under 5",Please put the EVA mat before fixing your phone into the box. FAQ: Q:Find fuzzy screen? A:Firstly you have to the check your phone screen resolution(1080P) and (HD)games/video format,secondly adjust focal distance to get the best experience. Q:Find double image? A:You can adjust puipil distance to solve this problem Q:Myopia can use this product? A:Less than 600 degree is ok;If you myopia more than 600 degree and glasses frame distance less than 13.5cm, you can wear the glasses to watch movie. Tips: 1. Do not watch movies or play games with the 3D glasses for a long time. If your eyes feel tired, please have a rest. 2. In order to get a better visual enjoyment and field experience.It's better use a mobile phone with 1080P screen resolution or above and HD movie or game.

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