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Go beyond reality: The Freefly beyond is a virtual reality headset powered by the smartphone you already own. Within seconds of wearing the Freefly beyond, you are transported into worlds beyond your wildest imagination! The Freefly beyond takes gaming beyond the laws of physics. In every way, an evolution of the original selected as Best in VR Gaming [1], the Freefly beyond is the perfect gift for those who love mobile gaming. With refined usability, the Freefly beyond makes virtual reality more interactive, more social, more immersive and even easier to use, whilst the dual CrossfireTM triggers allow for high-end action-packed 3D gaming experiences. With the Freefly beyond you can play with friends in amazing virtual worlds no matter where you are, surrounded by awe-inspiring 3D visuals thanks to its crystal clear cinematic lenses. The Freefly beyond is compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones. Smartphone size: the Freefly beyond fits devices from 135 mm x 50 mm up to 150mm x 95mm and no deeper than 10mm. A Gyroscope is required. The Freefly beyond is not meant to be used with glasses. Please remove your glasses before use. Lenses are not adjustable. You can adjust the position of the 4 foam blocks which hold your smartphone, to avoid blocking a headphone or USB port. We recommend a pause every 5 minutes and to remain seated. Stop if you feel sick, mind your head and your surroundings. We recommend not to use the Freefly beyond below the age of 14, and an adult supervisor to monitor the use by children between 14 - 18 years old. Contents: 1x Freefly VR: Beyond 1x user manual (Eng, Ge, Fr, Esp, It, Po) 1x lens cloth. [1] "Why Oculus Rift and Samsung VR's Days on Top in Virtual Reality Are Numbered." Lux Research. 22 July 2016.

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