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★ Brand : ETVR ★ ETVR is characterized by High-grade Optical Aspheric Anti-blue Lens, Ergonomically Design and Breathtaking 3D VR Experience etc., be loved by most people. What Makes ETVR the Bests?! * Light as a Feather! * High-Definition Optical Lenses! * Super Comfortable Wearing! * Fast & Easy Lens Focusing! * 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! * Compatible with iPhone | Android | Samsung | LG | HTC & More! Mobile virtual reality is finally here. With our ETVR, you can watch best shocking movies in your own private cinema, travel around the virtual world, play amazing games, place yourself in a real racing, marching in gunfire or shooing bullets in battlefield, and so much more. Let ETVR Virtual Reality Headsets drops you right into the action! ---Bluetooth Remote Controller--- - Easy On Easy Off. Choose KEY Mode / GAME Model- Gift Bluetooth RC, which Fully support for Andioid system with mouse functions and Partial support for iOS system. Can be Convenient Used as a Gamepad, VR Remote Controller, Video Controller, Wireless Mouse, Self-timer Shutter etc. - 2 Private owned alkaline AAA 1.5 V Batteries is required for powered on Q: Many people asked : Any QR Codes needed? What the 4 Aprons and "OK" button for? A: Yes, QR codes are included in the manuals. 4 Aprons are used to prevent phone from sliding away and screen touching , special "OK" button is only for Google Cardboard games.

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