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Rewind History! Oh about 200 million years! And come face to face with the terrifying T-Rex the vicious Velociraptor or the captivating Pterodactyl. In fact you'll get this close to 50 different species in all - to see where they roamed what they killed and how they survived.Get up close and personal with different species of dinosaurs, follow in the footsteps of famous paleontologists, travel the world in search of fossils, and even dig up and assemble your own animated dinosaurs. It's all there beneath the Eyewitness Museum, plus plenty of 3D models, interactive exhibits, animations and video, even simulated dinosaur sounds. Enter the subterranean world beneath the Eyewitness Museum and travel a quarter of a billion years into the past, when dinosaurs like the terrifying Tyrannosaurus and the vicious Velociraptor stalked the prehistoric earth. In this spectacular 3D environment, you'll learn about dinosaurs by searching for fossils to assemble and bring to life as fully animated dinosaurs. On your way to the Dinosaur Excavation Site, travel through time tunnels, visit the Arena, watch videos and animations, take interactive quizzes, and even listen to specially simulated dinosaur sounds.More than just a guide to these fascinating creatures, Eyewitness Virtual Reality Dinosaur Hunter lets you become an intrepid dinosaur hunter as you explore the prehistoric past.Discover the savage secrets of Earth's most ferocious creatures!

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