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"Fosmon 3D Virtual Reality (VR) Glasses - Black Enjoy virtual reality without spending a fortune with Fosmon 3D virtual reality glasses. You can play games, watch 3D videos, and experience 360 degrees photos or videos. Performance and Comfort Fosmon 3D VR glasses are ergonomically designed with premium foam padding along with adjustable straps for comfort and durability. It also has room for eyeglasses, so you don't need to remove them when you use it. Adjustable Focal and Object Distance Designed to suit everyone's need with adjustable focal and object distance and low light leakage so you can have an enjoyable viewing experience. Removable Magnetic Front Cover Removable magnetic front cover act as a quick access to ventilation holes that help to disperse heat from phone. Universal Device Compatibility Compatible Apple iPhones, Android smartphones, and most smartphone with 3.5"" - 6.0"" display, or with dimension of 80 x 150mm. Limited Lifetime WarrantyThis Fosmon product is included with a limited lifetime warranty. Please visit our Fosmon website for more details. Note: You need to select ""Split Screen Mode"" from content or certain apps downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store in order to enjoy the effect of the Fosmon 3D VR Glasses. Features: • Performance and Comfort: Lightweight, adjustable straps, and foam padding • Adjustable focal and object distance: Wide field of view of between 95 to 100 degrees, and ideal for users with Myopia (under 600 degrees) • Universal Device Compatibility: Compatible with Android and iOS devices with 3.5"" - 6.0"" screen display • Removable Magnetic Front Cover: Quick access to ventilation holes to help disperse heat

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